Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding



Listen to the synthesized version:

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding (from Fifty Shades of Grey moovie) for String Quartet or String Orchestra and piano ad libitum (not obligatory).

Arrangement by Huberto Gastal Mayer

Possible formations:

  • violin (or any other solo instrument)
  • duo (violin & cello)
  • duo (violin & piano)
  • trio (vl, va, vc)
  • trio (2 vl, vc)
  • trio (vl, vc, pn)
  • quartet (2 vl, va, vc)
  • quintet (2 vl, va, vc, cb)
  • quintet (2 vl, va, vc, pn)
  • String Orchestra


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